ID Thief Lawyer Lashes Out Against ‘Invasive’ Cameramen

What is it with identity thieves and their propensity for violence?

Anita Moore was convicted of stealing another woman’s identity, then using it to take out nearly $1 million in loans to buy four homes.

After the hearing, a man accompanying Moore attempted to block a CBS4 photographer from taking pictures of the suspect. Then Moore’s lawyer, Don Lozow, lost his temper and shoved the photographer.

Lozow blocked exit doors from the courthouse in an attempt to prevent photographers from taking Moore’s picture.

Thanks to Windows Media encoding, the video is s only available by going here on the Denver4 website, a rights protection procedure also known as Awesome Vision.

Ironic that in trying to protect the privacy of a convicted identity thief (humorous enough in and of itself) they only succeeded in amping media scrutiny.

The victim was a local school teacher. Her identity was stolen shortly after she submitted personal info to several different online mortgage places, so like, watch out when you do that. If they have an animated squirrel dancing on their website, mosey along.

[via Fark]

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