Wrangling Customer Service 101

The first rules are the most important and basic, but bear repeating, as they are often forgotten.

When dealing with customer service over the phone

#1 Be nice.
#2 Write everything down.

FiveCentNickel has more in their step-by-step primer. We’ve covered every item individually at some point, but it’s nice to have one handy locale.

Solving Customer Service Problems [Five Cent Nickel]


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  1. realserendipity says:

    What a fantastic resource! This is definetely more information that will help me in my ongoing battle with Sprint. I had already done some portions of this (i.e. detailed notes, calm and patient calls, threatening to go to the BBB, FCC, and anyone else who will listen)but I didnt think to call Sprint headquarters. Ive got the information down so once I am home with neatly typed six page word document, I call for the ‘executive customer service’ team. Maybe this will be the one call that will end them all?

  2. FalconFXR says:

    I recently was polite to an AT&T cusomer service Rep “Teria” and when I asked for a supervisor because she said she couldn’t help me she said that there wasn’t one available. I then asked for her to spell her name she got defensive and and became curt with me. Her standard answer to my problem was to tell me that I was asking her to do something illegal but she would not tell me why. It is sometimes hard to stay polite when you have a problem and they won’t help you to resolve it.