WhiteFence.com’s Tainted Ties

A few weeks ago, we posted about WhiteFence.com, a site that lets you compare and contrast service providers, which could be especially good for when you’re moving.

Several commenters, here and on other blogs, voiced uncertainty about WhiteFence’s independence, authority and scope.

WhiteFence read these complaints and addressed them in a post here.

Thanks to Stephanie from WhiteFence for listening and reaching out.

However, answers like these fail to impress.

Why can I only see certain providers for my area?
We are committed to creating new business and technology partnerships with the best home service providers to make sure you have the most choices available in your area. When you enter your address, our proprietary transaction engine shows you all of the providers and pricing plans available to you through WhiteFence. However, there are areas where we do not have partnerships with certain providers. In those cases, we are not able to connect you to their services. [emphasis added]

Excuse us, partnerships? You don’t have partnerships with all the providers, so you’re not going to list them? F that. Consumers are better served by doing the research legwork on their own.

Consider yourself removed from the Consumerist Kit.