Nestle Hires Illegal Aliens, Curses Off Protestors?

In this NSFW video, a man wearing a Nestle contractor card, identifying him as worker 705, curses off a group of illegal alien protesters in a California Home Depot parking lot.

“Fuck white people! I love Mexicans! They fucking work!…I’m a millionaire buddy, you don’t know fucking me.”
“If you’re a millionaire, you can do better than exploit workers at $10/hour.”

The group taping appears to be the so-called “Minutemen,” average citizens who’ve taken it upon themselves to patrol the Mexican border, fixed barbed wire and such, in an effort to stem the influx undocumented immigrant workers.

Watching the other videos uploaded by JumpAroundWeird, it’s hard to sympathize with the Minutemen as they wave their flags, heft their signs, and harass anyone who drives up to a Mexican and talks to them.

By the same token, it really looks like there’s a substantial number of Hispanic men hanging around this Home Depot parking lot, waiting for someone to come by.

The question is, does Nestle, through its contractors, hire illegal aliens? And if they do, will this affect whether you buy a Hot Pocket or a cup of chocolate?

We’re not sure we’ll look at the Swiss Miss girl the same again, knowing she might have paid some guys $2/hour to put an addition on her chalet.