Nestle Hires Illegal Aliens, Curses Off Protestors?

In this NSFW video, a man wearing a Nestle contractor card, identifying him as worker 705, curses off a group of illegal alien protesters in a California Home Depot parking lot.

“Fuck white people! I love Mexicans! They fucking work!…I’m a millionaire buddy, you don’t know fucking me.”
“If you’re a millionaire, you can do better than exploit workers at $10/hour.”

The group taping appears to be the so-called “Minutemen,” average citizens who’ve taken it upon themselves to patrol the Mexican border, fixed barbed wire and such, in an effort to stem the influx undocumented immigrant workers.

Watching the other videos uploaded by JumpAroundWeird, it’s hard to sympathize with the Minutemen as they wave their flags, heft their signs, and harass anyone who drives up to a Mexican and talks to them.

By the same token, it really looks like there’s a substantial number of Hispanic men hanging around this Home Depot parking lot, waiting for someone to come by.

The question is, does Nestle, through its contractors, hire illegal aliens? And if they do, will this affect whether you buy a Hot Pocket or a cup of chocolate?

We’re not sure we’ll look at the Swiss Miss girl the same again, knowing she might have paid some guys $2/hour to put an addition on her chalet.


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  1. XopherMV says:

    The employers are pitting low-wage American workers against low-wage, illegal Mexican workers in an effort to further drive down their low wages so companies can save even more money. There is no shortage of American workers. And there is no such thing as jobs Americans won’t do. It’s all exploitation for corporate greed.

  2. gypsychk says:

    I’m not sure I’m willing to boycott Nestle based on this YouTube entry alone, but there ARE some other good reasons to do so:

  3. synergy says:

    Dang. I need to go hang out at Home Depot. Since when is $10/hr exploitation? I didn’t make that much until I was out of college. :D

  4. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    Yea really $10 is a decent wage and well above the federal minimum. I thought the whole argument was that these workers were being paid well below minimum wage.

  5. ElizabethD says:

    The protestors are whack. Not to mention they show a willful ignorance of market forces and competition. IMO, the way they blasted that boat horn right in the Nestle guy’s ear is assault.

  6. jthree says:

    Based on the description here, at least they are only protesting the people who come up and try to hire these guys and not the illegal immigrants themselves. Not that anyone will ever report it that way – makes them look too sympathetic if true.

  7. ndavies says:

    I don’t think you can conflate protesting the unfair corporate abuses of immigrant labor and protesting Nestle for financially supporting illegal immigrants. One is initiated in the immigrants’ interest, the other encourages discrimination against them.

  8. gypsychk says:

    Has anyone actually established that Nestle is financially supporting illegal immigrants? I see a guy with a badge being kind of a turd, but I’ve no reason to believe he’s there at Nestle’s bidding.

    It’s a little funny to me, though, that the “don’t hire an immigrant when you can hire a real American” (cough) people prolly just got a white boy fired. Good work, border collies!

  9. Blue says:

    “Willful ignorance to market forces” That’s laughable. If a business were truly at the will of market forces they would be forced to either (1) raise wages to attract lawful employees or (2) go out of business.

    There is a double standard. When a worker complains his pay has gone down or remained static over several years, he’s told “quite yer bitchin” and “that’s life in a free market.” When a business complains that he cannot stay in business the free market suddenly doesn’t apply. He’s handled quite differently and told “not to worry, were sending a bus load of Mexicans.” This benefiting only a few.