Apartment Complex Evicts With Fake Excuses So It Can Raise Rent 40%

Javin got unjustly kicked out his apartment in Waldorf, MD.

The story is long and tortuous, but the basic gist is Fox Chase Apartments invented a lot of cockamamie excuses to evict him, steal his deposit, and re-rent his apartment for a substantially higher price.

The worst was reporting a “dangerous fire hazard,” to get the fire department banging on his door. In reality, he had an empty can of dental acrylic in his hall closet.

They called his tobacco pipes “drug paraphernalia.” They declared a “red sticky substance” on his porch to be attracting “swarms of bees.” Really, this red substance was water-based paintball residue, and the bees were carpenter bees. They only care about the wooden railing.

He’s set up a website to broadcast the abuses, http://www.Javin-Inc.com/foxchase

FoxChase has threatened him with legal action unless he takes it down, but he has refused to comply.

After evicting Javin from his $950 a month apartment, Fox Chase put his apartment back on the market the very next day. The new rent is $1350.

Fox Chase apartments are owned by ARMC (American Rental Management Company), with large holdings in Southern Maryland and Puerto Rico.

Javin approached 30 lawyers about his case but all have refused him. One told him, “…it’s a good old boy justice system down there. If you want to fight [ARMC], you’ll have to hire a lawyer from out of state to take them on…”

Anyone interested in contacting Javin can reach him at foxchase@javin-inc.com.

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