Macy’s Sweeps Stolen Carpet Under The Rug

When Seth G. bought a splendid new carpet from Macy’s for over $1,500 bucks, Macy’s didn’t send it via Fed Ex. They didn’t send it via DHL. Heck, not even UPS. They sent it by a little company called Roadway. Hey, Macy’s didn’t get rich by not knowing how to pinch some pennies.

Five weeks after buying the carpet, and after two weeks of phone calls, Seth G. was told that the carpet had been stolen from the Roadway truck. Hey, that happens… I mean, a huge, unwieldy 50 pound carpet is an obvious target for agile criminals.

Seth G. called Macy, demanding a refund. But Macy’s didn’t get rich by refunding money. Seth’s email, after the jump.

I bought a rug from Macy’s over 2 months ago in LA and was told to expect delivery in about 2 weeks. I spent a little over $1,500 bucks, and after 3 weeks went by I got nervous and started asking for a tracking number. The salesman at Macy’s got back to me a week later with a tracking number not for Fed Ex, DHL, or even UPS — they use a company called Roadway, which i’ve never even heard of.

After 2 weeks of calls with Roadway telling me the rug was in LA and “on the truck” I started to call Macy’s and demand my money back. Macy’s told me since they had a tracking number, they weren’t responsible and I should keep calling Roadway. After getting in touch with the management at Roadway, they confessed to me the rug was stolen and would never be delivered. I relayed this to Macy’s, and they agreed to refund me my money — telling me it would take 7 days to credit the account. Except three weeks later, I still haven’t received a credit to my account.

Every time I call Macy’s, they tell me to call a different department, and if that doesn’t work they’ll tell me since they have a tracking number I have to call Roadway…it just goes in circles. Once I get the right person on the phone, after 6 different 800 numbers, I finally get someone who tells me they’re crediting my card — and it’ll take 7 days. I have voicemails saved on my phone from these guys telling me they are refunding my money — but i feel like i’m just stuck in a loop at this point.

I don’t know if there’s anything else that can be done, but I know i’d feel a lot better if other people were warned about the kind of BS Macy’s pulls on people. Never order any kind of furniture unless it’s done through a well known shipper — I figure Macy’s would know better. But hey — they probably saved 6 bucks, right?