Escaping Pharma Telemarketing Hell

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A string of online pharmacies wouldn’t stop calling reader Cajun in Cullyforneeya, every day, for six months. He had never done business with them and repeatedly asked to be removed from their list. The FTC didn’t do anything about his complaint either.

He he took matters into his own hands.

Cajun answered all the calls and fucked with the discount drug telemarketers’. Towards the end of the call he reveals he’s been recording the call the whole time and demands to be removed (again). They hang up shortly afterwards.

Finally, one day, the calls stopped.

Here are some of the best recordings. He gets the reps to help him find generic versions of Methamphetamine, Catnip, and Hemorrhoidal cream.

Call 1 – 13:03

Call 2 -12:57

Call 3 – 3:01

Hats off to you, Cajun in Cullyforneeya, you are man among voles.

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