Update: Tresemme Color Thrive Conditioner And The Really Bad Hair Day

EEEK! From the horrorshow of Charra D’s scalp after using Tresemme Color Thrive Conditioner.

Charra writes:

I consider myself lucky that the matting did not happen to the top of my head as I would have had to have my head shaved and I am not up to that. I have never heard one word from Alberto/Culver and am still waiting for the products they were sending me to maybe get the tangles out.

When I got over the shock, I was able to realize that even if it were possible to untangle my hair, the hair surely would be pretty damaged and I would have to cut it anyway. Yes, I am vain about my hair which I inherited from my grandmother, and it just kills me to have to cut it.

She lived on a farm in Massachusetts and one of my visual memories of her was watching her put her head forward, brush that lovely hair, and swirl it around to the top of her head into sort of a bun which was held steady with bone hairpins. Thank you for, at least, listening and believing what I had to say.

Charra, my mother actually wanted me to pass on some advice: “I had something similar happen to me, won’t use thier stuff since. Took about 1 week of shampooing and re-shampooing before I finally got it out. If Charra has very long hair it might be impossible without just having to cut it out, but you should suggest that she go and see a good hair dresser before she actually cuts it.”

Consider it suggested! Also, put some peanut butter in it.