Starbucks Recalls Melting Coffee Makers

Due to fire hazard, Starbucks is recalling all Starbucks Barista Aroma

Stainless Steel 8-Cup Coffee Brewers.

The model has defective wiring that can lead to overheating, smoking, burning, and melting.

Certainly comes as a relief/disappointment for us, we thought a gateway to hell was opening in our coffee con leche.

(Thanks to Brandon!)


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  1. AcilletaM says:

    Probably designed that way. Can’t have people making their own $4 coffees at home all the time. Where’s the money in that?

  2. Falconfire says:

    Jesus fuck how does a stainless steel coffee pot MELT?

    What the hell are they cooking that coffee at, 20 degrees short of lava?

  3. I said it before, and I’ll sat it again people: ‘French Press’.

  4. Falconfire says:

    For proper coffee the only way to go is drip, a french press is great for loose leaf tea, but you wont get the proper coffee flavor from it ever.

  5. sonic0boom says:

    Why just settle on one? I have a drip, espresso maker, french press, and a Bialetti stovetop espresso maker. The last two, which don’t happen to plug into the wall and cause fires, ran me $20 or under for each.

  6. AcilletaM says:

    Love my french press. You can get them at a good price at Target (the horrors!).

  7. A French Press is the only way to get proper coffee flavor. Since there is no paper filter to absorb the coffee bean’s fats and oils, you get the full experience.

    I have never seen a drip machine produce crema.

    Try determining a varietal from a blend with a conventional drip coffee machine, and you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference.

    One line of drip makers that uses the metal cone, is better, but still not as perfect as a French Press.

    Full disclosure, I used to manage a coffee store, and I am a coffee snob.

  8. Sheik says:

    My money’s on the freedom press for the best coffee.