Tresemme Color Thrive Conditioner And The Really Bad Hair Day

I have a beautiful head of hair. Every morning, I wake up and, Marcia Brady like, comb out the gossamer locks. “One! Two! Three!” I chant, up until a million or I pass out. Then, I break open some eggs, carefully separate the yolk and then apply the white to each glistening strand with a fine paint brush. It’s a pain, but it’s worth it.

The point? At least one editor at the Consumerist knows how important a girl’s hair can be… in my case, to a man. So when Charra D. wrote us in a bright, purple font to tell us about how Tresemme Color Thrive Conditioner congealed her hair into one disgusting, greasy, almost pubic dreadlock, I began shrieking in hysterical sympathy.

Charra’s bad hair day, after the jump.

I have very long hair which I had been coloring for many years. As I grew older, I found that the blonde color did not hold very well so I decided to just let it grow out and did not cut off the blonde part. For three years I have been shampooing my own hair and not putting anything on my hair other than shampoo & water – no blow drying, no color, no hairspray – no conditioner. Since it has gotten longer, it is a little tangled after shampooing and does take a while to comb straight.

I decided to use a little conditioner and bought some TREsemme Color Thrive Conditioner. The bottle is marked for blonde color treated hair. When I finished shampooing & conditioning my hair a week ago last Friday, and removed the towel it was if someone had parted my hair down the middle from front to back, grabbed my hair from both sides, and joined both ends of the bottom of my hair and twisted it together in the back. It somewhat resembles a dread lock – is matted together, solid as a rock. I am going to have to have it cut.

I did call Alberto/Culver last Tuesday since I thought they should know so it would not happen to someone else. They do want me to send them the remaining Conditioner to “test” it. And, offered to refund my money “if I return the sales receipt”. I would have thought they would do more than that and would want to see it. I would like to have it tested myself, but cannot find a lab that does that kind of thing. Right now, I would fit just fine in a haunted house for Halloween.

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