The Aleksey Vayner Bullshit Repository of Lies

The cult of personality that is Ukranian ubermensch Aleksey Vayner requires an entire new set of Internet tools to keep tabs on it.

Enter the Aleksey Vayner Bullshit Repository of Lies, which aims to chronicle all of Aleksey’s acts of Herculeanism. Naturally, this sort of user-generated encyclopedia of Vaynerisms is prone to gag entries, but luckily, Vayner’s pathological talent for spinning wildly implausible tales of his own super-greatness makes it possible to imagine even the surrealist of gag entries coming from his smugly-compressed word hole.

For example, it’s hard to imagine that Aleksey powerlifted 600 lbs so quickly that the rotation of the earth was affected and the magnetic poles reversed. But it is so much harder to imagine than his real claims that he foiled 9/11 Part Deux, or that he was a hired CIA/KGB spy as early as the age of 6?

The Aleksey Vayner Bullshit Repository of Lies

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