Spammer Mad That People Call Him A Spammer

A Chicago area spammer took London-based anti-spam outfit, Spamhaus, to court. E360 was mad that Spamhaus had added their ip addresses and names to a blacklist.

Internet service providers use these blacklists to unilaterally block incoming emails from known spammers.

In order to get themselves removed, E360 sent email after email to Spamhaus, requesting removal.

A Chicago Federal Court ruled that Spamhaus post a notice saying E360 is not a spammer, and ordered Spamhaus to pay E360 $11.7 million.

    NYT: “Spamhaus did not defend itself in the United States court case because it argued that the court lacked jurisdiction over a British group.

    Spamhaus said last week: “We are working with lawyers to find a way to both appeal the ruling and stop further nonsense by this spammer.”

E360 has replaced their main page with information about the suit. They offer an online for as a way to contact them, but not an email address. Apparently, they want to avoid receiving unsolicited messages.