FTC Forces Listing Services To Stop Blocking Discount Brokers

    NYT: The Federal Trade Commission said yesterday that five regional real estate listing services had agreed to treat listings from discount brokers no differently than those from traditional agents.

    “The rules these brokers made drove up costs and reduced the choice for consumers, and they violated federal law,” Jeffrey Schmidt, director of the F.T.C.’s competition bureau, said in a statement.”

Cabals within cabals, my friends, cabals within cabals.


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  1. JosephFinn says:

    The reason Realtors don’t want to deal with discount brokers, from my experience as an administrative assistant in a real estate office, is that the discount brokers push off most of the work in the actual contract process on the selling agent. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to every discount broker, but it happens often enoughh that it leaves a bad taste int the mouth of any reputable Realtor that as to deal with a discount broker.