Burger King’s Secret Sauce

A couple of police officers in Los Lunas, New Mexico ate about half of their Whoppers when all of a sudden, they noticed they were feeling pretty… mellow. Removing the bun, they discovered that the patties were peppered with mary jane. Pot. Marijuana to you squares.

Lightweights, the police officers first went to a local hospital to seek medical evaluation. When it turned out that they were actually healthier, they stormed Burger King’s kitchens and arrested three employees of marijuana possession and battery on an officer.

So that’s why Burger King burgers taste so much better than McDonald’s.

Police Find Burgers Sprinkled With Pot [AP]


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  1. jthree says:

    I love this site but this post was ridiculous! First of all it seems like more of an excuse to make the author’s views on drugs known than to highlight any consumer issue. Second, it seems to imply that the officers should have been glad they were drugged against their will! Next time there is a date rape drug story I look forward to the commentary here. “Hey she should be happy! She needed to loosen up and have some fun! It was good for her!”

  2. I have to admit that as a responsible adult with anxiety issues, the only way I could really enjoy pot without it becoming legalized would be like this…ie. having it slipped to me unbeknownst and “against my will.”

    My question is how did the cops start to notice they were baked? Were the burgers so bad that they couldn’t taste the pot? Or was it more likely that they tasted the pot, and kept on eating anyway..cause hey, who doesn’t like a little consequence free high?

  3. Kornkob says:

    Dosing someone, with any drug- legal or otherwise, without their knowledge should be a felony.

    As for ‘how they noticed’– They probably noticed the strange ‘green leafy substance’ on their burgers, recognized it but went to the hospital to ensure that it wasn’t laced with something. Then when they discovered they were fine went to find the scumbags who decided it would be ‘funny’.

  4. NeonCat says:

    I thought BK burger patties were already made up when they get to the store. Did these morons just sprinkle pot on top? Did they really think the officers wouldn’t notice? Or was it a case of someone else was supposed to get the burgers and the up front person grabbed the wrong Whopper?

    If they really wanted to get at the cops why didn’t they spit on the food, something like that? (I’m not condoning or approving their actions, especially dosing the officers, I’m just trying to figure out why they did what they did [basically throwing away pot with a large probability of getting caught] instead of something sneakier and more underhanded.)

  5. katre50 says:

    They probably went to the hospital to get documentation for their “We were fed pot by fast food workers” story, so as not to have their asses fired after the next drug test down at the station house.

  6. Triteon says:

    Have it your way, have it your way!

  7. kean0n says:

    You can’t get high from eating the leaves or buds of marijuana plants.

    Your body cannot metabolize THC in the form that the plant stores it until it’s super-heated, burned or fused to fat molecules as in butter.

    I call bullshit.

  8. I spent a few years of my childhood in Los Lunas and I’m not at all shocked by this story. The quality of the Burger King there was always dubious. More than that, it’s a tiny little town with not much to do. Bored burger jockeys takin’ their diversions to the next level.

  9. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    I doubt they noticed because they were getting stoned but rather because of the off taste to their burgers. Anyone who has ever eaten pot will tell you it has a strong flavor.

    And Keanon you certainly can get high from eating pot if you heat it up first which extracts the THC which is then absorbed through your stomach. Trust me I’ve done it several times. Although it takes a lot longer to feel the effects than by smoking it. It usually takes about an hour to kick in if you eat it. So again I doubt these officers noticed the pot because they felt it.

  10. Mike_ says:

    They didn’t get high. It’s hyperbole. RTFA. They discovered an unexpected topping on their sandwich and ran it through a field test kit. Could have been taste, texture, or the sight of little green flakes on the sandwiches that tipped them off. Not that it matters.

  11. Damnit triteon! Close your I tags ;)

  12. Triteon says:


  13. Harvey Birdman says:

    “Won’t somebody please think of the children!”

    Seriously, this was an immature and ill-conceived prank, but you’re gonna compare it to rape because they’re both illegal? Wow.

  14. Elvisisdead says:

    You mean fused to fat cells like a big greasy whopper with mayo? Maybe there’s some secret process for making pot brownies that I don’t know about? But if it’s just that the bud/leaf needs to be saturated with fat, I think a burger/fries/mayo would probs do it.

  15. orielbean says:

    Kenon, you are very wrong. Sprinkle a decent amount on any food product. Pizza will be the least noticeable for adverse flavor. Wait about 15-20 minutes. You will notice for certain.

  16. jthree, chill the fuck out lest we feed you a pot burger.

  17. OnoSideboard says:

    I, too, find this story somewhat suspect. If the weed was just sprinkled on the burger, rather than cooked in the mayo, the patties must have been practically breaded in the shake if the cops actually felt it. You can totally get messed up eating marijuana, but you do have to cook it with a fat, as someone mentioned above. Favorite methods include baking it in brownies, and creating “bud butter” by heating it to boiling with butter and then straining out the weed (once the THC is released you don’t need the flaky bits). Then you can slather your bud butter on anything and everything and have your mind blown. The one down-side to cooking with weed is that it totally stinks up the house and everyone within smelling distance knows exactly what you are doing.

    Anyway, I suspect that the cops noticed some uncooked weed sprinkled on the burgers but didn’t actually feel anything.

    I question the intelligence of the fry-cooks, wasting their weed like that.

  18. jthree says:

    HarveyBirdman: I didn’t compare it to rape – I compared it to what is a more common story of drugging someone unawares. In that example (and as I was implying it should be in this case), not many people would feel comfortable making fun of the victim.

    DJ Madrid del Fuego Fuego: What’s the matter? Can’t make a complaint on a consumer complaint website!

  19. I, too, find this story somewhat suspect. If the weed was just sprinkled on the burger, rather than cooked in the mayo, the patties must have been practically breaded in the shake if the cops actually felt it.

    The original story only says they ‘discovered’ the weed. It doesn’t say the cops actually felt high. I think that was just Consumerist taking a little creative license in the summary for the sake of humor.

    Dosing someone, with any drug- legal or otherwise, without their knowledge should be a felony.


  20. SpamFighterLoy says:

    Damn straight on the felony charges. If one of the cops had been allergic and gone into anaphylactic shock, would we find this as funny? You just don’t know, ergo, a damn stupid thing to do.

  21. Sapphiresky420 says:

    This was the most made up story I have ever read..Anyone who knows anything about pot knows that when you ingest the pot it takes a very long time to get into your system.By the time they felt anything the burgers would have long been eaten..Alice B Tokeless would love to eat at that Burger King.. :).. Can we have the address?

  22. max andrews says:

    Who the hell is allergic to weed?

    Posession charges and even something a little more hard core related to the drugs makes sense, but aggravated assualt? Give me a break. I don’t think the Jury will buy that one.