Help Us Not Be Poor

For secret reasons, we’re coming up with a list of Consumerist preferred service providers. These are companies that provide a better or cheaper or simply less lame alternative to the “name brands.”

Ok, it’s not a secret, it’s so we can monetize this blog through the Google ads on the top right. Gawker says that if the site makes a little money, they might not outsource our jobs to India.

So we need to pick your brain!

Here are the contenders we’ve got so far: HSBC Direct, USAA, Skype, Speakeasy, IKEA, Farecast, Jetblue, Vanguard, Netflix…

What else is out there? Who doesn’t suck? How about for insurance? Energy? Dating?

Looking more for national companies everyone could benefit from, not so much of the, “Jenny’s Fudge Shack is the shizznit.”

Tell us your faves in the comments, or tips at, or AIM the editor at fakeout.

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