Consumerist On 20/20 Friday Night

Set the TiVo for Friday, Oct 13, ABC’s 20/20, 10 PM Eastern Time. Editor Ben Popken chats with “Give Me A Break!” John Stossel about consumers recording their customer service experiences and sharing them online. Nice timing with the Google YouTube buy, no?

Apparently, at one point we describe this blog by saying, “It’s a party. A consumer party!”

We’ll leave it to you to make up an appropriate drinking game in the comments.


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  1. mark duffy says:

    A party?!? Yeah, I’ll bring the Tupperware.

  2. timmus says:

    If the term “cyber-” or “blogosphere” is said, it’s definitely an automatic shot of the hard stuff.

  3. North of 49 says:

    hard stuff? pass me some of that. I could use a good swig!

  4. Wait…”just a blogger” Ben Popken is gonna be on the news? I think you should give a shout out to Shannon at the Wine Press.

  5. Ben Popken says:

    If I could go back in time and reshoot the interview, I would, crayonshinobi, I would.

  6. ElizabethD says:

    Stossel is a flaming a–hole, IMO, but in the media biz “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” So… congrats, I guess!

  7. Nifle says:

    Everytime he says Popken, I’m going to do a shot!

  8. Triteon says:

    Don’t worry about what you said Ben, worry about how they edit it.

  9. ckilgore says:

    Did he offer you a mustache ride? I heard he does that to all his “special” guests.

  10. I was going to make up an inappropriate drinking game such as, “take a body shot off of John Stossel’s wife everytime the camera cuts to Ben!”

  11. Hey Ben, will you open-hand slap John if he asks you if any of the recorded CS calls are fake? I think you should.

  12. TedSez says:

    Just make sure you don’t come off as an environmentalist, organic-food lover or other damn hippie freak. Ol’ man Stossel hates those!

  13. Ben Popken says:

    Point of information: the interview was shot weeks ago. It airs tonight. I have no control at this juncture over what goes into it. But I appreciate your enthusiasm.

  14. AcilletaM says:

    Did you ask him when if ever we can expect a Hall & Oates reunion?

    Hello 20/20 interns!

  15. karen says:

    Oh, 20/20. leave it up to you to get it all going. I think I will down this bottle of Tequila, just to stomach this crap!!

  16. karen says:

    Oh, John, its a party , I’ll bring the tequila, you bring the salt and bull—-.

  17. Mike_ says:

    Sorry I missed it, Ben. I was warming up with my drinking game (“Drink until you think you might be able to tolerate John Stossel”), and I passed out before I could bring myself to sit in front of the TV. If my hangover is any indication, perhaps that wasn’t such a great idea.