Sinus Blaster Pepper Spray Makes You Say Fuck

The first ad featuring rank, unbleeped obscenity has aired on the Sirius network. The product? Appropriately enough, a nasal inhalant featuring capsaicin called Sinus Blaster.

“It’s no different than what you’d hear from a group of adults having a conversation,” insists Wayne Perry, president of SiCap industries. He’s right there: if you’ve ever accidentally mistaken your pepper spray for your nasal spray, you’ll know that loudly screaming “FUCK!” is probably the more restrained reaction.

The spot aired on the Howard Stern channels, where “listeners already expected some tasteful profanity.” Also, descriptions of how Howard would like to yank out Kim Basinger’s vocal chords so she’ll shut up long enough to fellate him.

Sirius: 1st ad with 4-letter word [New York Daily News]