Sinus Blaster Pepper Spray Makes You Say Fuck

The first ad featuring rank, unbleeped obscenity has aired on the Sirius network. The product? Appropriately enough, a nasal inhalant featuring capsaicin called Sinus Blaster.

“It’s no different than what you’d hear from a group of adults having a conversation,” insists Wayne Perry, president of SiCap industries. He’s right there: if you’ve ever accidentally mistaken your pepper spray for your nasal spray, you’ll know that loudly screaming “FUCK!” is probably the more restrained reaction.

The spot aired on the Howard Stern channels, where “listeners already expected some tasteful profanity.” Also, descriptions of how Howard would like to yank out Kim Basinger’s vocal chords so she’ll shut up long enough to fellate him.

Sirius: 1st ad with 4-letter word [New York Daily News]


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  1. homerjay says:

    This is like those stupid Amp’d Mobile ads that feature punk-asses saying “Amp’d’s just got better shit.” Sure they bleep it out but thats just not necessary. I’m no prude but I just find this stupid and distracting- which I guess is the intent.

  2. IsenMike says:

    Capsaicin extract up your nose? Really? That sounds… REALLY painful.

  3. Isen: I think this is a classic case of trying to “distract” pain.

  4. Falconfire says:

    Jesus fuck who the hell is stupid enough to snort pepper? Why dont you drink bleach and do a line of powdered wasabi while your at it to boot.

    Fucking stupid things people do.

  5. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    Actually, as an herbalist, I bet this works quite well. Capsaicin–the hot stuff from cayenne pepper–is a powerful anti-snot medicine. In fact, I’ve even got it as an ingredient in my list of cheap-ass cold remedies. …But I bet it *would* make you say “Fuck!”. -M/PD

  6. bambino says:

    I once bet a friend $5 to snort wasabi. He made $5.

  7. kerry says:

    In Romania it’s common to use hot pepper compress (capsaicin, basically) to clear up the sinuses. This is just injecting the stuff directly. A friend of mine (whose Romanian college professor tipped her off to the compress method) speaks highly of it. She says it hurts like a bitch, but really does the job.

  8. XM must be kicking themselves for not publicizing the “edginess” of their spots better. They’ve had an ad airing for almost a year, at least, wherein someone says, “You really know your shit!”

  9. Harvey Birdman says:

    This reminds me of Idiocracy where Fuddruckers eventually becomes Buttfuckers over the next 500 years.

    I’ll take cursing over attaching a prodcut to “x-treme” sports.

  10. KarenG says:

    But… XM and Sirius say they are commercial free. That’s why you have to pay for it – so you don’t have to be blasted with stupid ads.

    But since has curse words in it, I guess that makes it ok. IT’S EDGY. Which is another term for BS.

  11. denki says:

    I just go with a good ol’ teaspoon of chinese mustard…costs a lot less (you make it yourself from powder!) and can be used with yummy food (potstickers [gyoza],eggrolls/springrolls [harumaki], etc [etc]). It’s funny when people pay for pain.

  12. Tapatio sauce does it for me. [Audio on site]

  13. Triteon says:

    XM and Sirius say they are commercial free. That’s why you have to pay for it – so you don’t have to be blasted with stupid ads.

    Both XM and Sirius claim “Commercial-Free Music.” Stern falls in the talk-radio category. BTW– this is my industry– I can assure you that neither service will be commercial-free very long.

  14. glenn_j says:

    Am I the only one that noticed the product is labeled “Sinus Buster”, not “Blaster”?

  15. biggeek says:

    I used a Capsaicin-based ointment on my sunburned back once. Within 10 minutes I was in searing, writhing agony desperately trying to shower the shit off.

    Eventually, the pain receptors on my back pooped out and yes…I felt no more sunburn.

    But they should have mentioned on the packaging that to get there, it would feel like someone was flaying the flesh off my bones.

    Capsaicin…Evil, evil, evil shit.

  16. infinitysnake says:

    I’ve read that this stuff is good for anosia, too…it’s been recommended to zicam users who want to smell again. ;-)

  17. IsenMike says:

    I’m fighting a cold and my sinuses are killing me. I wonder what the Scoville rating of this stuff is… I have some 1,000,000 Scoville-unit pepper extract (“Not A Sauce!” the label warns, “Food Additive Only!”). Maybe I should water it down and mix it in with my Afrin.

    Or maybe not…