Farecast Launches Nationwide Airfare Search

Our favorite predictive airfare search engine just keeps getting better (being in Beta will do that for ya). Farecast today announced the addition of airfare search for all of America. You can now search for airfare for any airport in the nation.

With the high holidays coming up, give Farecast a shot and see how much money you can save.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your travel agent.



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  1. We used to use a company travel agent and he consistently used to give us awful rates and really strange fly times (close to midnight, etc..)

    I would ask: “Are you sure there isn’t anything else?”

    Agent: Nope, i’m looking, not another flight with any airline whatsoever.

    A quick trip to Expedia would clear that up…

    So I ask this: Travel Agents? Thing of the past? Cast aside as travel insurance middlemen?