Waiter, The Flies In My Soup Are Too Small

Hear about this one?

Guy refuses to pay his bill because his shrimp and scallop verdura didn’t have enough seafood in it. After getting into a heated confrontation with management, he throws a tip on the table, and leaves.

Restaurant charges guy with defrauding them. Guy hires a $500/hour lawyer.

Some time later…

Angelinos issues this statement after a jury finds guy not guilty:

Angellino’s is naturally disappointed with the jury’s verdict, but we are even more disappointed that Mr. Paul was not satisfied with his last dining experience with us. We regret that this incident occurred, and going forward we intend to do whatever is necessary to satisfy our customers

That’s amore!

Lawsuit of the Day: Skimping on the Scampi?” [Above The Law] (Thanks to slackerjax!)


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  1. This is what lawyers do for recreation.

  2. Paul said he believed the situation was getting heated, so he left a few dollars on the table for a tip, walked briskly out of the restaurant, got into his silver BMW convertible and left. Someone at the restaurant got his tag number and called sheriff’s deputies.

    This is the part where I changed to the restaurant’s side of the argument. Not to mention, that if you read the whole posting, this “guy” is a real jerk…but hey, at least it cost him exorbidant attorney’s fees to tell the whole world he’s a jerk.

  3. FLConsumer says:

    and this is why Florida has it’s own tag on Fark.com

  4. Itch says:

    Actually I’ve been in that guy’s position. Was in Myrtle Beach, SC years ago and had pracitically the same thing. Mind you, I handled it differently. Mentioned to the waiter if that was all it was supposed to have. When he said yes, I responded that I was severly disappointed.

    Side Note: I was not trying to be passive aggressive. Its how you can have a BLT sandwhich with 1 piece of bacon, 1 slice of tomatoe, 1 small piece of lettuce, and 2 pieces of dry white toast. Technically meets the description of the meal, but lacking in the expectations.

    About 5 minutes later the Manager walked over and asked how how the meal was. Told him my logic, and not 10 minutes later nice side plate of shrimp to add to my pasta. Being nice gets you so much farther.

    And I agree not paying what was acceptable in the meal is bad form and tacky. BUT the theory is good.

  5. Why did he eat any of it when he saw there wasn’t enough seafood on it? If he’d said something before eating maybe he could have gotten the same resolution Itch got.

  6. bambino says:

    crayon: I’m not on the guy’s side, but saying he shouldn’t have acted the way he did just because he’s obviously well off and can afford a BMW is not very solid logic. Whether he’s a jerk, a rich jerk, or a great guy doesn’t matter when it comes to the situation at hand.

  7. RandomHookup says:

    Goodness sakes, didn’t this restauranteur go to “Operating an Italian Eatery 101”? Some civilian disrespects you, have him whacked. End of discussion.

  8. xboxishuge says:

    He should’ve done the classy thing and just paid for the meal, then gone into the bathroom and peed all over the place. Toilet seat, sink, countertop, in the trash can. Just everywhere. Real classy-like.

  9. timmus says:

    Good god, do lawyers really need $500/hour? No wonder it’s so hard to get any justice anymore.

  10. I stand by my prejudice against BMW drivers…I’d also like to include Lexus, Mercedes and Jaguar drivers to the list. Infiniti and Acura driver’s get off because they were stupid enough to buy a Nissan/Honda with different branding without realizing it. (Lexus is Toyota, I know, but a whole different animal)

    Anyway, if you read the posting, you’ll see that this guy was an arrogant prick, and proof positive that justice goes to the highest bidder.

  11. homerjay says:

    If you portray an assumed sense of entitlement you will seldom get what you believe you’re entitled to. This guy got what he deserved- a whole lotta money wasted.

    If he was nice about it, I’m sure the management would have comp’d the dish.

  12. Jesse McBesse says:

    it’s times like these i’m ashamed to be a floridian. now that i’ve got mark foley (supposedly), scientology, AND nut jobs of this caliber right here in pinellas county, it might just be time to leave. oh yeah, and i’m sure we’ll manage to screw up another election, too.

  13. ohnothimagain says:

    Asshole sues asshole. What could be more enjoyable?

  14. gwai lo says:

    I am guessing that Mr. Paul doesn’t cook much. For a single serving of a scallop, shrimp, and vegetable dish over pasta, the amount of seafood seems about right. Maybe he took “verdura” to be the type of sauce or something else and was confused as to why there was so many veggies on the plate.

  15. joehowe64 says:

    I like the whole “military code of ethics” crap that he pulls.

    The meal doesn’t look the way you expect it should, don’t eat it.

    Only if your consumption of the meal reveals a fault, for example improper filling in a pasta, do you get to munch down some for free.

    I think he should be very careful of the soup.

  16. scudsone says:

    “supposedly” mark foley? what, you believe those IMs were made up. are you waiting for a picture of him with a little boy cock in his mouth to believe he’s a sick-o?

    anyway, that was totaly off topic. bottom line is this paul guy’s an asshole. you don’t eat half the dish and then ask not to pay for it.

  17. Jesse McBesse says:

    scudsone says:
    “supposedly” mark foley? what, you believe those IMs were made up. are you waiting for a picture of him with a little boy cock in his mouth to believe he’s a sick-o?

    dear scudsone,

    perhaps i didn’t do my best at wording that. foley is supposedly in clearwater, not supposedly a pervert. pardon me.

  18. Magister says:

    xboxishuge –
    Come on, this calls up for an ‘Upper Decker’

  19. acambras says:

    Hey Crayonshinobi,

    What’s the difference between BMWs and porcupines?

    Porcupines have their pricks on the outside.

    Hee hee hee…

  20. AcidReign says:

    …..There is a growing tendency among sit-down restaurants to serve up a big bread-basket, then a cinder-block-sized iceberg lettuce salad, before you get sight of any appetizer or entree. I ignore or politely pick at these monstrosities, and yet…

    …..These days, I still rarely manage to finish an appetizer and entree. I think portions are plenty big at most eateries in the US. Yeah, maybe, if you decide to pick out each seafood piece, and ignore the pasta, maybe you’ll still be a little bit hungry.

    …..And I’m the guy that ate a whole KFC 20-piece bucket of chicken AND two concrete biscuits at one sitting once…

  21. OnoSideboard says:

    I can almost guarantee you this guy turns around and sues the state for malicious prosecution to recover his attorney fees. Fortunately, no judge or jury in their right mind would award him his full fees since he obviously used an exhorbitantly expensive attorney. ($500/hour is the kind of rate that clients like Exxon pay to avoid having to clean up oil spills.)

    Of course, it is Florida, so anything can happen.

  22. Resturant portions are big. So, I take half of mine home for a meal the next day. What’s wrong with that?

    $500/hr? He should of been demanding a happy ending for that much.

  23. biggeek says:

    The $46 bill Paul didn’t pay included his girlfriend’s mussels marinara, iced teas, dessert and coffee.

    There’s a way to impress your girlfriend during an evening out. Screech and froth at the management over a couple shrimp.