Waiter, The Flies In My Soup Are Too Small

Hear about this one?

Guy refuses to pay his bill because his shrimp and scallop verdura didn’t have enough seafood in it. After getting into a heated confrontation with management, he throws a tip on the table, and leaves.

Restaurant charges guy with defrauding them. Guy hires a $500/hour lawyer.

Some time later…

Angelinos issues this statement after a jury finds guy not guilty:

Angellino’s is naturally disappointed with the jury’s verdict, but we are even more disappointed that Mr. Paul was not satisfied with his last dining experience with us. We regret that this incident occurred, and going forward we intend to do whatever is necessary to satisfy our customers

That’s amore!

Lawsuit of the Day: Skimping on the Scampi?” [Above The Law] (Thanks to slackerjax!)

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