Taking Pictures of Our Product Is Copyright Infringement

When Jamie Olsen decided to become an eBay entrepreneur, she decided to start small: selling bottles of Aquage shampoo. And because people can tell a lot about the effectiveness of shampoo by staring at a grainy picture of the bottle, Jamie took a picture of the bottles with a camera phone.

Naturally, Aquage threatened a lawsuit. Doesn’t Jamie know that the light that actually bounces off one of their products is the legal property of Aquage Shampoo? And don’t you know that taking a photograph of an African native actually steals their soul right out of their bodies?

We’re declaring today National “Go Into A Store And Take Pictures Of Stuff” day. Go out and steal a corporation’s soul today! You know… providing they have one.

Company: Taking Pictures of Our Product Is Copyright Infringement [CL&P Blog] (Thanks, Larry & Elva!)

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