Old Mutual’s Funtacular Take On Customer Service Week

This is how Old Mutual, a financial services company, participated in last week’s celebration of customer service. Nothing says we value your contributions to enhanced customer care like a goodie bag!

Maybe we spoke too soon, the reps did also receive these amusing placards.


Note that Siyahkha’s Flickr photos are labeled “Customer Service Day.” That must have been a cost-cutting measure.


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  1. “Annoying co-worker” = Rubber band = Aim and shoot the rubberband at the culprit

    Sure…it’s all fun and games untill someone loses an eye.

  2. Kat says:

    My locally-based bank has customer appreciation days a couple of times a year. The last time (about 2 months ago) we got a begonia in a bank mug.

  3. adamondi says:

    Am I the only one that is scared by many of the people holding up their bags in that picture? Specifically, the woman on the far right…. There’s my new nightmare.

  4. All we got was ‘Hawaiian Shirt Day’.

    [No one participated]