Monday Readers Round-Up

The Consumerist doesn’t write itself. Booze does. And when booze fails, under the murderous unblinking gaze of grim sobriety, reader tips takes the yokes off of our trembling shoulders and helps pull the site along.

Look, we’ll admit it: we can’t do this site without you. It’s the small stories, the one-on-one interactions with companies, that entertain and amuse, because they’re relatable. When it gets big enough to be an issue that affects tens of thousands, that’s when we stop caring as much, because it happens to a faceless crowd. But that one consumer getting red in the face, hammering his fist down in murderous rage as spittle flies from his lower lips? That’s just good reading.

So if you want to rage, mail us! We take anything: links, tips, complaints, comments, criticisms, naked pictures of lascivious female readers. Hit the jump for the stories we posted from you guys last week.

Sony Reverses Decision To Deny Repairs After Reader Threatens Writing The Consumerist
How Did Gillette Know It Was My Birthday??!
Life of Brian
A Cold Shower A Day Keeps The Gas Company Away
Burning Macbook Adaptor Porn.
Wal-Mart Takes Layaway Behind The Chemical Sheds
Replacement Apple Batteries Have Their Own Problems
Coinstar’s $2.49 Check Comes Through!
Crocs Buys Jibbitz
Payday Loanshark’s Waters Drain
Cingular Spreads Pinnochio Porn
Maybe Worse Than WaMu Snookery
Poland Swill
Welcome to Best Buy! How Can We Steal Your Computer Today?
Delta’s Sassy New Steward Outfits
WaMu Snookers With Scary Letter
Comcast Doesn’t Like Lying To Vonage Customers Either
More Uhauls Of Shame
Man Detained And Misses Flight For Speaking Tamil
Customize Your Crocs With A Crock
Atlas Shrugged Junk Mail
U-Haul’s Voodoo Reservation System
Does Snapple Rot?
Comcast Lies (Badly) To Snag Vonage Customer
Head-On Craze Reaches Boiling Point
HOWTO: Find A Consumer Lawyer
Happy National Customer Service Week!
Verizon “Unlimited” Wireless Stills Hates Porn
Wal-Mart Takes A Page From Jiffy Lube’s Book

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