Deja Vu: Geek Squad Gives Elderly Couple’s Hard Drive to Flea Market

For some reason, we never really pieced it together when we posted about Best Buy’s gremlin-like pilfering of a reader hard drive chock full of personal information, but we’ve previously reported on Best Buy’s practice of selling these reclaimed hard drives.

But reading’s hard and posts are forgettable. So seeing as how this video is now doing the rounds at Digg, enjoy again for the first time the story of an elderly couple who trusted the Geek Squad to repair their computer, only to get a call from a good samaritan who bought their hard drive at a flea market.


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  1. emax4 says:

    At first I thought it was the hard drive that belonged to the woman from a few days ago that lost her hard drive to BB. I see a trend here, sadly.

  2. What is up with the way the newsman says the words “hard drive”?

  3. LafinJack says:

    The announcer guy and the cuts for the opening interview were intensely annoying.

  4. tedonion says:

    The lesson here is to always demand all hardware replaced to be returned to you just to make sure that your hard drive does not fall into the wrong hands, and that any work they say they did was done.

    This works for all sorts of repairs. For example, if your mechanic can not produce the bi-primary cam scranson that needed to be replaced so badly, then he didn’t replace it.

    Caveat Emptor!

  5. killface says:

    This video is no longer available. I want to hear the annoying announcer guy. :(