Week’s Most Popular Consumerist Posts

Image courtesy of • Road To Overdraft Hell Paved With Floats. If you're a broke-ass, don't fuck with float!

Fast Foods Sued For Cancer Chicken. Fortunately, the threat is about as credible as a man holding a rubber fowl.
Welcome to Best Buy! How Can We Steal Your Computer Today? Oh, you mean you didn’t read the part about not getting your old hard drive back?
Cingular Salesman Attack Each Other With Boxes. Lazy days at Cingular stores are wiled away with employee-on-employee violence, caught on camera.
WaMu Gives Out Counterfeits, Doesn’t Care. Shortchanged on an African safari honeymoon, to say the least.
Road To Overdraft Hell Paved With Floats. If you’re a broke-ass, don’t fuck with float!

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