Compare Rents In Your Area With Rentometer

Lease coming up for renewal? Do you lie awake jactitating in the night, wondering whether or not your landlord’s screwing you on your dank, depressing apartment in the trendiest part of town! Is the cachet of living in the hip part of town worth another year of your life and another fifteen grand?

Calm yourself. Check out Rentometer, a Google Maps mashup that lets you see at a glance what people are paying for rent for similar digs in your neighborhood. It’s like a bird’s eye view of you being boned!

Rentometer [Official Site] (via Lifehacker)


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  1. Trai_Dep says:

    Wow, this is AWEsome. Need to find some way of blocking the address of my landlord tho, as I’m getting a *steal*! Almost makes up for the smashed crackpipes in the hallway and underage transvestite lolitas working the street below.

    Hey any chance on BANKRUPCY-ometer? I have some vocally smug, overly leveraged friends that own a condo-hovel that are counting the months before their creatively financed mortgage converts to credit-card inspired post-introductory rates…

  2. Hawkins says:

    There is NO such word as jactitating, Mr. Show-Off -Writer.

    I don’t care if you find other references. It’s NOT A WORD.

  3. Apparently it means to twitch or shake, Hawkins.

    I thought it meant something… else, though.

  4. Drinker Nisti says:

    This is also very useful for evaluating the “rent vs. buy” question– The CW in my SoCal neighborhood is that renting is way cheaper than buying: not so much, from what I can see. Rents have already caught up.

  5. Ishmael says:

    Oooooo, my ZIP isn’t included.

    Living in the woods stinks, but at least the rent is cheap.

  6. RumorsDaily says:

    That’s GREAT! Thanks.

  7. Nifty. Does anyone know how you’re supposed to handle apartments with multiple bedrooms but individual leases?

  8. Clare says:

    It even worked for Wilmington, DE! I couldn’t believe it!

  9. My mortgage is half the price of average rents. Way to go, me!