Chicago BYOB Dining Google Map

Brown-bagging it is a time-honored money-saving tradition for alcoholic nonconformists. Dr. Vino’s new Google Map mashup shows what Chicago-area restaurants let you be a BYOB cheapskate.

The interactive map provides cuisine type, address, phone, comments, and driving directions.

Chicago BYOB Restaurant Google Map.


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  1. AndyfromIL says:

    These guys are smart and opt out of the IL and City excessive “fees” that go along with alcohol sales. Between City(not chicago, boonies of IL) and State “fees”, and insurance, my independent grocery spends probably 1500 a year to be in the alcohol biz. No way a little restaurant needs that kind of overhead expense.

    Best to go BYOB and make some friends in the process. I support sticking it to the man like this all day long.(and not to mention more package sales for me, but really I’m just enjoying someone making the wise decision to opt out of the joke of a tax system that exists on the back of small business)