174 Minutes On Hold With Blackberry, With Urination

This chick is on hold for two hours and seventeen minutes waiting for a Crackberry rep to pick up.

In the meantime, she pets her pussycat, pees, showers, and takes a nap, on camera.

Happy customer service week.


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  1. okay, first of all, “goo goo”?

    is this vid all there is to the story? did she have anything to say about what their response was? has her situation gone any further than that call? she had time to put that vid together, did she find any time to pursue the matter further?

    the bathroom scenes were a bit much, though it’s good that she washes her hands. does hardees have any job openings?

  2. d0x says:

    Its kinda funny that we get to see her on hold but why did the video end when they picked up? who’s to say this is even real!?

  3. Ishmael says:

    I didn’t actually realize that Customer Service Week was a national thing. I really thought it was just something my company made up so that once a year, they can mail me a bunch of crap and pretend like they are working to improve customer service.

  4. Vinny says:

    I wonder why she was calling RIM directly… I’ve had BB’s for years and have never even spoken to RIM except when their rep comes by my office to show us some new product we’re supposed to be selling…

  5. Mike_ says:


    DO: hang up and try calling back during off-peak hours.
    DO: complain about long hold times when you get someone on the line (during off-peak hours).

    DON’T: post a video of yourself peeing on the Internets. What’s wrong with you?

  6. inzain says:

    I’d like to pet her pussy, if you know what I mean.

    And what I mean is: I love cats. You sick bastards.

  7. ratbastid says:

    Somebody somewhere is totally getting off to this video.

    That’s right, I’m talking about on-hold-music fetishists. *Shudder*

  8. mckaym says:

    174 minutes != 2hours 17minutes != 137 minutes + 20 minutes.

  9. The Bans says:

    Ugly ass hands.