Krempasky vs. Consumerist Blog Roundup

• Krempasky’s personal blog reports disappointment. Scott Womack comments with vigor. Krempasky parries tactfully tact and offers to take the conversation private. Sound familiar?
• Flicking the nerve of internet crazies means showing up on a Daily Kos user blog. [The Writing On The Wall]
• Pending warrants aside, no one’s ever featured our doings in a chronology of events before. [Potomac Flacks]
• “The question that was posed to Editor Ben by Krempasky will make your stomach sink…” The Bivings Report post also has a comment from queen of PR whoredom, Strumpette, about Edelman’s failed attempt to reach out and touch her somewhere special: her anus.


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  1. Sheik says:

    If this Krempasky character wanted a “private” conversation to discuss ways “to help his readers get consumer complaints resolved, and to help him participate in that,” I wonder why this couldn’t be done in a public forum. What does he have to hide? Its very suspicious.

  2. Sheik says:

    I wonder what this Krempasky character wanted to discuss in his “private” conversation “to help (Ben’s) readers get consumer complaints resolved, and to help (Ben) participate in that,” that couldn’t be said in a public forum. Very suspicious.

  3. Sheik says:

    drat, sorry

  4. amazon says:

    Oh look, I’m not the only one who is suspicious of a “Public Relations” shmoe who only wants to “resolve issues” in private.

  5. Hey guys, a tip on double posts.

    In Firefox at least, if you comment is stuck in ‘sending comment’, you can click refresh, and it should open a new window, with the posted comment.