Comcast Doesn’t Like Lying To Vonage Customers Either

Comcast says it’s looking into the allegations of a man who claimed a rep called up and lied to get him to switch from Vonage. At issue was whether Comcast made false claims about the inferiority of Vonage’s VoIp service. In a statement released to The Consumerist, Comcast said:

    “It’s very important to Comcast that everyone here communicates completely and honestly with our customers. While we highlight competitive advantages of our services in our marketing and sales, we do so in a fair and accurate way that does not disparage our competitors. We provide our employees, as well as any firms working on our behalf, with very clear direction on how to talk about these types of competitive differences, and we are looking into the allegations raised by this customer. We feel that Comcast Digital Voice is a superior, innovative home phone service, and because it runs over our privately managed network we can ensure the quality and reliability customers have to come expect from traditional phone services.”

Emphasis added. We’re willing to chalk this up to a crappy out-sourced telemarketing center, simply because Comcast would have to be hella stoopid to spread such patent untruths.

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