PayPal Will Still Screw You, But Less Obtusely

Has PayPal shut your account down without warning? Have they charged your credit cards without permission? Have they never refunded your money for eBay items that you never received? All the while justifying their actions behind a cryptic, multi-page TOS agreement?

Well, good news! PayPal’s still going to do all of that. But thanks to legal action brought against PayPal by 28 states, it’ll at least have to present it’s Terms of Service in a less convoluted manner.

According to PayPal’s agreement, critical information about financial transactions will no longer be hidden in a labyrinth of hyperlinks. Instead, they will be hidden in excess lawyerly verbiage, as densely packed and impenetrable as superstrings. Consumers win!

PayPal Settles Customer Service Complaints [Consumer Affairs]

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