Comments Garrote

The new commenting system let in the hoi polloi. We want smart, on-topic comments displaying wit and/or insight. Therefore, we must begin a ruthless purge of the unworthy. These comments aren’t just removed, we’re banning their makers entirely.

Comment: Magicube and Triteon are idiots. There is no other explanation for their complete lack of logic. I’m sure Ben is really shaking in his off-brand boots about the prospect of losing tips from the likes of you. There will be no shortage of respectable whistle-blowers. Now fuck off you douchebags, leave the commenting to the real consumer warriors around here who GET IT.
Crime: While we appreciate his fan-boy fervor, we have little use for flamers.

Comment: “Now if only the Democrats could get 1/10th of the cojones he has, we’d RULE THE WORLD! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH…. er, benevolently rule the world, that is.”
Crime: Typing with the right hand… while jerking off the left with his.

Comment: “This is kinda old. And yes, it’s really from QVC”
Crime: If the post stars off, “Here’s a classic (i.e., 9 months ago)..” and this is your comment… we kill you.

We can’t always read all the comments, so if you see an egregious violation you want to nominate, feel free to drop a line to tips. We promise not to reveal our sources.