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Walmart Is Mad At The Consumerist. “We never did get that exclusive behind the scenes factory tour to see where they convert undocumented immigrant workers into budget home furnishings.
Friendly Reminder: Rebates Are Scams. “Rebates are scams. Rebates are scams. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that rebates are scams.
Krempasky, Walmart Apologist, Responds To Consumerist Outing. “The morality of reneging on a committment [sic] to a PR rep… sounds like the basis for a good piece of sketch comedy.
Refreshing: Limewire Sues the RIAA. “Limewire is asking for a jury trial, which is great because you know that’s going to be the O.J. Trial for nerds.
Hardee’s Unfazed By Water Cut-Off. “Bunnyspatial wrote to us about a local Hardee’s that was conducting business with its water turned off, and the fascinating implications that raises…