Live Nation Continues To Rock!

Every time Carrie writes us, I talk about what a sexy little minx she is. To be frank, I don’t know her. She could be fat as the queen of all sea cows for all I know; a decade of heavy cocaine use might have turned her nose into a flabby, cartilageless sack. But she’s got spunk! She’s got moxy! And she is unwaveringly optimistic! And hey, that’s sex appeal.

Following our thumbs up to Live Nation the other day, Carrie wrote us again, to dance on our table and flash us her boobs, “Live” written on one, “Nation” written on the other, both words scrawled in cherry-red lipstick. In this case, Live Nation made up for selling her some sub-optimal seats to the pre-sale crowd last year by letting her buy two of the best seats early this year.

Carrie’s sassy, sexy email, after the jump.

Carrie here, your favorite party girl (from the Beatnik Bags and Crunch Gym stories). Yet again, I have to chime in with a positive story about a company, inspired by your recent Live Nation Wolfmother story.

I had a wonderful experience with Live Nation a few months ago, based on some misleading practices that they have, but which they acknowledged and made up for. For last year’s Download Festival, I bought tickets via the Live105 (radio station) pre-sale link. I was there at the second tickets went on sale, and was dismayed to see that only tickets in a non-optimal section were available. I bought them anyway, but with much grumbling.

Weeks later, after regular tickets had been on sale for a while, I happened to check back on the site, and noticed that much better seats were being sold. This really annoyed me, but I never did anything about it, other than harboring a suspicion that they released sub-optimal seats to the pre-sale audience, saving the good seats for later.

This year, Live105 started announcing pre-sale tickets again, with another great line-up. I definitely wanted to buy tickets, but didn’t want a repeat of getting bad seats to see better ones later. I contacted Live105 to complain, and they sent me over to Live Nation. Aaron, the very friendly and helpful Director of Promotions and Publicity, was kind enough to acknowledge that contrary to what one might assume, pre-sales tickets are not guaranteed to give you access to the best seats before regular folks, confirming my suspicions. To make it up to me, he offered to let me purchase two of their best tickets to this year’s festival directly through him. A phone call or two later, and two great tickets (10 rows back, front and center) were on their way to me, fedex.

So, boo to pre-sales ticket offers not getting you access to great seats, but kudos to Live Nation for being honest, soothing my frustration, and setting me up nicely. Can’t wait for this sunday’s show (even with no Wolfmother, which does make my a little sad).