GXCF20E Water Cooler Of Infamy

Here’s another old-skool cut, currently top of the Google charts when you search for “GXCF20E.” It’s GE’s water cooler and it’s hard to put in without spilling water on your fax machine placed precariously next to 5 gallons of water. Click to see video.

Video subject Jakob Lodwick’s first complaint, of course, completely neglects page 4 of the GXCF20E Water Cooler manual.


However, Lodwick says, “The problem is, not all water bottles have a center plug. In fact, it’s quite common for there to be no center plug. Poland Spring, for example, has no center plug on their bottles. “

Lodwick is definitely right about one thing, though, can’t they make ’em pour faster? Sounds like an industrial design thesis project in the works.

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