Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• PorkFilter: Is there anything medically wrong with eating large amounts of pork, sometimes irregularly prepared? [Link]

• I have a question about the psychology and ethics of auctions. I have only participated in a handful of online auctions, but the other day I got caught up in an eBay auction that has got me thinking about the nature of auctions … and curious about whether my actions were ethical. [Link]

• How do you verify the broker you are dealing with is legit? [Link]

• Why don’t churches lose their tax exempt status when used as polling places during elections? [Link]

• Are Google ads a good use for my very limited advertising dollars? If not, what works? I’m trying to promote a small science museum and I need help primarily with online marketing. [Link]

• I need to find a cheaper way to get proscriptions for Lexapro and Ambien filled. Basically there are 3 options A) Drive to Mexico and hope I can get them across the border there B) Try to get it from one of those online Canadian Pharmacies C) Get Another Job and buy them here in the US. [Link]