Drink Coffee! Drink it! DRINK IT!

This 1984 commercial from the National Coffee Association prompted Jay Leno to quip: “To David Bowie, a cup of coffee is merely a sedative.”

As a better punchline, Cicely Tyson claims that coffee is “that calming moment”… then slugs a guy.


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  1. iameleveneight says:

    Its also mentioned in the Weird Al classic “Dare To Be Stupid”

  2. Pelagius says:

    Wait – was that “Heart” in there?

    I’m a coffee underachiever…

  3. Meg Marco says:

    “You can be a coffee achiever
    You can sit around the house and watch Leave It To Beaver
    The future’s up to you
    So what you gonna do”

    You are totally right.

  4. jay leno was alive in 1984?

  5. …the future’s up to you, so whatcha gonna do?

  6. Chongo says:

    Ahh quadruple tall latte… is that bad?

  7. Yozzie says:

    I’m with Cicely. Just try talking to me during my first cup of the day, and you’re very likely to get a knuckle sandwich for breakfast. Don’t fuck with me during my coffee time!