Advertisers Want to Text You

The do-not-call list added hurdles to telemarketers trying to cold call to sell you vinyl siding. Then Tivo slowed down television advertising. Spam-filters, as much as they still kinda suck, are constantly being tweaked to limit the influx of marketing to your inbox. That leaves texting, the last great frontier in intrusive advertising.

But for many mobile phone users, this could go beyond merely being a nuisance. Sure, there’s the lost time factor, as each adver-text costs you precious time on this earth, as you reach for your phone, hoping for a sexy note from your lover, only to find a note from WalMart, announcing a rollback on Black and Decker toaster ovens.

Even worse, this is marketing that could cost you money. Unlike Europe, where the caller or texter tends to foot the bill, American texters AND textees pay. If marketers start peppering you with their messages, your texting plan could go into overage rather quickly.

Time for a Do-Not-Text List? Until then, be careful when giving away your cell phone number. You don’t want to opt into any marketing scheme that will cost you money down the road.

Advertising through text messaging appears ready to explode nationwide [AP via Tucson Citizen]

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