Women Like Skinny Models?

Here’s a suspect little piece of reporting from The Sun claiming that women prefer skinny models:

“Researchers handed 470 women pictures of models of various sizes. Two-thirds gave a positive reaction towards the skinnier ones. Only one in three reacted positively when faced with a larger model. Those who preferred the skinnier models said they were “more elegant, interesting, likeable and pleasant”. The survey comes after organisers banned “super-skinny” models from Madrid Fashion Week.

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell backed the decision, and urged London Fashion Week bosses to do the same. But Professor Brett Martin, of Bath University, where the study was carried out, said its findings proved women would not respond better to models of “average” build. He said adverts featuring thin models were more likely to convince women to buy products.”

What The Sun seems to be missing here is that emaciated “Fashion Week” models are not the same sort of “thin” as models you see in advertising. Still, if 470 British women are in partial agreement about something, it must be true.
[Thanks, JP!]


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  1. What a coincidence, I like skinny women too!

  2. Clare says:

    Yes, yes, we all know skinny = sexy, appealing, elegant, etc. What I want to know are the sizes of the women who appraised the photos. Were they random women plucked off the street or were they fashion industry people? Because fashion hates the fatties!

    (That photo is from Laura Bennett from Project Runway’s show. I love Laura, crazy exposed sternum and all.)

  3. Erzengel says:

    i dont know, my gf prefer athletic girls, or busty ones. we only take skinny when the are really cute.

  4. olegna says:

    The whole bony-hipped walking-skeleton coke whore look was never attractive to me. I like women whose arms don’t look like they’d snap off like Twizzlers. A moderate amount of muscle tone is good. Some of these women were born with physical beauty, but don’t look like they actually to any kind of body sculpting (swimming, running, cycling, tennis). Purging after every meal coupled with a bit of yoga and pilates is not a form of exercise.

  5. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    I want to see that test! It sounds like a market research test, and those are notorious for having the most obscenely inapplicable answers to choose from. Ignoring for the moment the “what are you, retarded?” look that the test respondents likely gave the testers upon being asked to determine the “elegance”, “interestingness”, “likeability” and “pleasantness” of a person from a freaking photograph, their other options were probably nonexistent or ridiculous.

    “Would you say that the woman in the yellow sweater is more likeable than the one in the blue sweater? Or is she an alien spawn of Harrison Ford?”

    Those tests are stooooopid, and I wouldn’t believe them if they told me the sun was on fire. (And more likeable than the moon, no doubt.)

  6. Ishmael says:

    Can we do our own test here on the Consumerist? It would be fun, perhaps a bit more realistic, and with major companies now reading this website, perhaps it might make some changes.

  7. mayiomoula says:

    We’re all so brainwashed to equate thinness with superiority that the women polled probably were reacting in a Pavlovian way more than anything else. The brainwashing has been going on for 80 years, so by now it’s accomplished its goal.

  8. AcidReign says:

    …..I invariably tend to pick the biggest girl on those modeling shows as my favorite. Except, when they have silicon boobs. If it looks like a stretched cantalope, I’m not down with it. I abhor the waif-look the fashion folk have forced on us for the past decade! I’ll take pancake makeup and faux-blond bubblehead anyday. Real girls are a cool treat!