Say Goodbye To The Guest Bloggers!

With Ben back sometime today, it’s time to thank the guest bloggers tied against the Consumerist radiator and put them out of their misery.

Obviously, Meg and Mark did an absolutely fantastic job. We hope, now that they are gone, you’ll follow them to their regular sites and bask in the glory of their wit. And — because we didn’t pay Meg or Mark, but also because we didn’t actually tell them we weren’t going to pay them — we decided to make it easier for them to capitalize on their newfound fame.

All posts last week tagged with Meghann Marco were written by Meg, whom you also might remember as the starving waif on the Special K diet. Liked her posts? She’d love to have you follow her to her site, As an added perk, she’s pretty dollsome, which is a good enough reason to stalk anyone.

Not nearly as cute, and five times as flatulent, all posts tagged Mark Ashley were written by the man himself, who runs one of our favorite, more practical blogs, Upgrade Travel. Mark is awesome: if anyone is going to help you find a $1 business class fare, it’ll be him. Also, he needs your traffic to help pay the medical bills of his hypochondriac wife. So go on over and start randomly clicking his Google links.

Thanks, guys! Don’t sit by the mailbox waiting for that paycheck!

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