Update: Breastfeeders Unite and Take Over

The Brooklyn mom who was threatening a nurse-in at the Times Square Toys R Us has gone and done it! How many mothers showed up is a matter of some dispute (anywhere from 40-300), but by all accounts they where lactating up a storm. From the Daily News:

“I was at a Petco and they told me to go to the bathroom because it was making the customers uncomfortable,” said Jessica Pierre, 30. “I told them, ‘You don’t eat lunch in the bathroom and neither will my daughter.”

Toys R Us attempted to calm down the mothers, but by all accounts they were having none of it:

“When a Toys “R” Us worker tried to make nice by offering protesters water bottles and baby-friendly Cheerios, 42-year-old Christine Healy of Manhattan dismissed her as a “corporate shill.”

“Toys “R” Us offers us water, and they make a fortune selling formula to mothers,” said Healy, who declared herself a proud resident of the “Upper Breast Side.”

Toys R Us still refutes Meyerson’s story telling the New York Post: ” “Her story, it’s not what we found in our internal review. We have a companywide policy that supports nursing anywhere.”

Yikes! [Via Gothamist]

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