Tell Us Who To Go For

A swank new commenting system, a few editors full of vim (alchemically? Transmuted piss and vinegar), a world full of companies that need scrutinizing, and twenty thousand visitors a day to help guide us. That’s you, guys.

This post is specifically for you to come in and tell us what companies you think we should go for in the coming weeks; which businesses or industries most deserve our steely, unblinking gaze.

If you’ve got a specific story about a company, or a link to a direct story, please continue to send that into This thread’s more for you guys to give us an overview of the consumerist concerns that most interest you, so we can keep our eye on the trends and go after them accordingly.

If you’re a commenter, jump in and start ranting. Not a commenter? Want to point us in the right direction? It’s as easy as choosing a username, a password and posting anyway. We’ll vet you and approve you forever if you’re good.