Starbucks Hikes Caffeine Rates From Tall to Grande

The price of your Juan Valdez-approved stimulant fix is going up October 3, when Starbucks is raising the price of its coffee drinks by five cents across the board, in all its North American stores.

It’s unclear whether the five-cent hike will affect all drinks equally. If so, then smaller-sized purchases will see a larger percentage increase than the big-ass ventis.

Buying beans in a store will also go up, by 50 cents. The company blames rising wages, energy, and fuel expenses for the hike. Maybe, but they know they’ve got enough people hooked on the juice, so they’ve got pricing power and can flex a little muscle.

That free Starbucks hack we posted a week ago might buy you a tiny bit less coffee as of October 3, but that’ll just make you want it that much more.