California Sues Automakes Over Emissions

Schwarzenegger’s state have decided to quickly follow their recent pledge to reduce emissions by 25% by 2020 with a huge lawsuit against the nation’s biggest automakers.

Brought forth by Attorney General Bill Lockyer, the lawsuit named Ford, GM and Toyota, claiming that emissions from their vehicles are costing California millions.

Naturally, this sort of lawsuit is inherently hypocritical. According to the World Resources Institute, Electricity & heat emit a full quarter of the world’s emissions. Deforestation’s the next big contender, followed by a tie between transport (including planes, trains, whirlybird gyro-copters) and agriculture.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine California naming all those planet-killing farmers.

California Sues Automakers Over Global Warming


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  1. FLConsumer says:

    I have the ultimate solution for the automakers — stop selling your products in California. The makers named in the suit should get together and, quite literally, stop shipping cars to Cali for a 1-2 month period, but announce it’s permanent. If you’re going to get sued for selling your product in that state, then it obviously doesn’t make sense to continue doing business in that market. The outcry from the public would be quite good, and I’m sure the public opinion, especially by election time, would be utter outrage and probably some panic as dealer stock would go down to nil. This would actually benefit the dealers, as it’d send people running for the dealerships to get the last of the inventory. Cali would also stand to lose out on sales tax, as people would start buying cars out of state and finding ways to get them into California. Crazy idea, but things like this have been done before in other industries with success.

  2. usmcmoran says:

    sounds good on paper but when registering a car here in cali they make you pay tax on it if the car was bought new out of state

  3. usmcmoran says:

    that picture is f’in genius by the way