T-Mobile: U R a L1AR! LOL!

David is very unhappy with T-Mobile. Last month he upgraded to a PDA phone in order to receive his emails on-the-go, as so many of us do. Anyway, after some confusion about what features are necessary to accomplish this, David added text messaging to his account via T-Mobile’s website and the emails started flowing on in.

Unfortunately for David, when he checked his bill today it was twice what it was supposed to be. WTF?

David called T-mobile to tell them that he’d added text messaging and did not want to be charged for 1000 individual text messages. They immediately apologized for the obvious error and corrected David’s bill. No, just kidding. They called him a liar.

“They all told me “Well, there’s no record of the transaction so we have no proof you actually did what you’re saying you did.” I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but it just doesn’t seem like good practice to say your customer is lying.”

Sure it is! Don’t you know that all customers are pathological liars? Silly David. You’re so in denial, you don’t even know you’re lying.

David was eventually offered a refund of 39.99, not even half of T-mobile’s mistake. When he refused Bobbie (ID # 064236) told him, “she could actually reverse the bill…But she wasn’t going to because they had to “balance the needs of T-Mobile and the customer.”

We think the need of the customer was to get his email on his phone without getting charged twice what he normally pays. That’s just us. As of posting, David hasn’t gotten his money back, but only because he’s a filthy rotten liar with a black soul.

Read his stinking pile of lies after the jump.

I hope you guys can help me as I’m really frustrated with T-Mobile right now. Last month, I upgraded my phone to their MDA, which is their high end PDA phone. In the process I also upgraded to their data plan. What the guy at the store didn’t explain to me was that to get automatic push emails from my email accounts, I had to have T-Mobile send me a text message to trigger it. When I got home and set it up, I realized quickly how it worked and that I needed to set up the service with text messaging since to trigger my phone to pull email in, T-Mobile sends me a silent text message. And since the phone had a keyboard it was great for text messaging anyway so I went online and added text messaging to my account. Or so I thought. I don’t know what happened. I remembered adding it. They have no record of it. I however went about my business, assuming that everything was ok.

Everything was not ok though. I went online to My T-Mobile today to check and see if there was anything new for my phone or my plan and I was shocked to see my bill was over $225. That’s more than twice what I pay. I couldn’t figure out where the charge was coming from so I called T-Mobile. That’s when they hit me with the news that it was from my slightly over 1,000 text messages. Well, that doesn’t make any sense, I added that. But they have no record of it. Something got messed up somewhere. I don’t’ know what or how but my transaction seems to have never registered. (Given the speed that the T-Mobile website crawls along, who knows what their servers are doing.)

No matter. I thought that surely their customer service would help me. After all, I’ve been a customer for over two years and have two more years on my phone plan. I’ll be their customer for at least 4 years. With the thousands they get from me, they’ll want to reverse what’s an obvious mistake to keep me a happy T-Mobile customer. What I didn’t expect was not only did they not want to help me but they’d call me a liar. They all told me “Well, there’s no record of the transaction so we have no proof you actually did what you’re saying you did.” I don’t know, maybe its me, but it just doesn’t seem like good practice to say your customer is lying. They refused to do anything at all for me. So I decided to try again.

I got the same line that they had no proof I had done what I claimed. I can understand where it would be confusing to them. I mean, I used 1,000 text messages last month which was about 900 more than I’ve used in two years. I can see where its obvious that I didn’t think I had a text message plan. To make matters worse, they also claimed that my new data email plan didn’t require text messaging. They’re right, it doesn’t. If I don’t use it. In order to get emails automatically sent to me, T-Mobile has to send my phone a text message. Since that’s not part of the plan, I have to add that in. They claimed that wasn’t true. Until I looked it up on their website and they changed their mind. “Oh, that’s not what we thought you were talking about.” Right.

Finally a manager offered me 39.99 back and that was the limit of what she could do. I declined because the overage was well over twice that. That was just insulting to me that they’d offer such a meager amount and do it on the basis that they thought I was lying to them. The kicker is what I was told by Bobbi, a manager there (ID # 064236). She told me that she could actually reverse the bill (oddly everyone else said that it was impossible. Bobbi had special powers I guess). But she wasn’t going to because they had to “balance the needs of T-Mobile and the customer”. Strange, wouldn’t a balance have been offering to even split the difference? And not continually saying “…well, there’s no way our system could have messed up if you really put it in.” Because computers NEVER make mistakes. Too bad I’m a software developer so I know the dirty little secret that the rest of the world knows…computers mess up sometimes too.

If T-Mobile won’t give me my money back then I’m going to make sure that everyone knows that they’d rather call their customer, who has a plan that will net them around $2500 over two years, a liar to hold onto another $120 on top of that. I buy my stuff through them. I bought an expensive phone from them and a very expensive rate plan. But if they don’t fix this they won’t have me as a customer in 2 years when my contract is up.


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  1. UASteph says:

    Wow – I think I’d take it one step further. If they don’t fix it, pay the early termination fee and get out. And let them know exactly why they’re getting $175 (or whatever) from you rather than $2500.

  2. Plaid Rabbit says:

    Perhaps I just get good people. TMobile has always had my back in these situations, regardless of whether it was my fault or not. I also spend an obscene amount of money with them, and have been there about two years.

    Have you tried going back to the store where you bought the phone, if it’s a company store? This is no help if you went to one of the fly-by-night kiosks in the mall, but if you hit an actual store with some power, they may be able to fix this for you. I can’t tell you how many times (with other companies) just getting someone face to face has helped them see the issue and help me get a resolution.

    Hopefully my T-Mobile karma-streak will keep rolling on.

  3. kerry says:

    I think UASteph has the right idea. Call them (or go to the store) and tell them you want to cancel your service. They’ll send you to a retention rep, who will try to sweeten up your deal with TMobile to keep you. Tell him/her you want the overage charges reversed and the correct text messaging plan or you’ll leave. I have a strong feeling that s/he’ll do what you ask, especially since it’s quite reasonable.

  4. megan says:

    What on earth would we talk about on here if cell phone companies actually cared about its customers. Just a random thought. I’m going through my own issues with T-mobile right now. I moved to a new house a mile away from my old and consistently only have one bar and usually no coverage at all. I’m trying to get them to do something about it, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. marylynn says:

    I also called T-Mobile yesterday about an error on my bill – I’d been billed twice for the Sidekick plan. It turns out I’d been billed twice since April (when I probably accidentally added it via the website, which does suck incredibly hard). They fixed it immediately, credited all the double bills and were cheerful in doing so. And continued to be cheerful when I told them I also wanted to cancel the Sidekick line entirely and just use my other cell number (making them down $100 for the credit and another $70 per month for the Sidekick). I was transferred to a “cancellation specialist” but that was the lightest sell of all time and I was done the entire call, including the rep looking at my old bills and making the credit, in under 10 minutes – with a big smile on my face. All my dealings with T-Mobile have been the same positive experience (god, I feel like a shill but it’s true!). And yet I completely believe the original complainant – I wonder why such disparities in service?

  6. Smoking Pope says:

    @Megan: If you file a complaint with the FCC, I believe your provider has a set amount of time (30 days?) to remedy it or let you out of your contract without being charged.

  7. mlile03 says:

    I want to know how this goes, please make sure we get an update if anything improves with this. In the meantime, is there anything me, as a supporter, can do to help?

    I’ve been with Cingular for eons now. They have screwed my bill up quite a few times but are always willing to fix it with a smile when it happens. The only down side is sitting on the phone with customer service for 10-15 minutes.

    Hope T-Mobile gets their head out of their buttkus.

  8. shawn says:

    i had and issue with t-mobile. a customer service “supervisor” took a similar attitude. I e-mailed the VP of Customer Service and one of her assistants had my bill adjusted within 24 hours.

  9. ajn007 says:

    I don’t know what to say. I’ve read of other’s bad experiences with T-Mobile, but haven’t had any myself. e.g. When I called once to complain about some charges to my bill, not only did the rep who helped me reverse the charges, she analyzed my usage and set me up with a cheaper plan! How often does something like that happen?

  10. solmssen says:

    I’m one for T-Mobile as well – longtime customer and find them easily the best cell company to deal with. Their tech support is excellent, well-trained and usually quite speedy, and their plans are pretty good, too. In fact, it’s kept this pretty serious early adopter from going VZW or Sprint and getting EV-DO despite the speed increase – I just hate the idea of being nickeled and dimed to death by them (viz the whole V710 bluetooth fiasco, for example, or the Treo 650 dial-up networking issue).

    I had an issue with them one time where “CallerTunes” was added to my account by mistake. They reversed the charges and gave me 50 minutes as a courtesy – not on the scale of the OP’s problem, but it was handled well. I hope they did well in the latest spectrum auctions so they can roll out HSPDA soon!

  11. esrever says:

    While I sympathize with David’s dilemma with T-Mobile (what does he expect, the rotten, lying scoundrel?), I, too, have to voice support for their (usually) exceptional customer service. Even when something’s been my fault, they’ve been more than happy to correct it in my favor (e.g., I called 411, forgot to write the number down, and had to call back, and they waived the $1.25). Granted, I’ve never had $225 in overages, either, so good luck getting all that sussed out with them. Visiting a store is probably your best starting point.

  12. esrever says:

    I suppose I should have said “empathize,” not “sympathize.” Whoops.

  13. hnamaky says:

    I have T-Mobile family plan. I barely have signal in my residence area, so the phone has become useless for me (3 Motorola phones). T-Mobile is not going to offer anything to resolve this issue and they are not even going to give credit for lost minutes. I had Sprint and Version prior to T-mobile (for four years) and both of them worked without problem for me. I am ready to pay termination fee to get out of this contract. T-mobile is the worst one in terms of compensating minutes for lack of coverage.

  14. TexasKit says:

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since before they were T-Mobile–VoiceStream, I think. My transactions with them have always been satisfactory. I did have an issue with a new phone’s battery that took a while to solve, but ended well. The service reps have been unfailingly polite and upbeat. I recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a good cell phone company.

  15. lina365 says:

    Company Name:

    Company Contact:
    Maria Garner

    Company Address:
    PO Box 37380
    Albuquerque NM 87176

    United States

    Company Phone

    I had been with T-Mobile for 5 years on a family plan. In Novemeber of 2006 My son moved away so I wanted to eleminate his phone on my plan because he was moving to another state and wanted his own. I called T-Mobile and told them that I wanted to change my family plan by reducing the # number of phones. They told me where to go and what to submit. Three months later I decided I wanted to go with Cingular because of all the drop calls I was getting with T-mobile, then they came back and said you can’t quite you signed up for a new 1yr plan in Novemember. I called and wrote to them on several different occassions telling them I had no idea that this is what they did and felt that the deceived me. They now are charging me over $700 to get out of the contract. I think that they should be exposed for the fraudulate company they are, scamming people to sign up for programs they never even asked for. Is there anyone out there who can help the little guys like me?

    Damage Resulting
    The damage this has caused is that they keep sending me these threating letters and leaving phone message at my home saying things like you haven’t paid your bill and we are sending you to collections. I can not believe the harrassment a big company can do to just about anyone they want. Does anyone know who I can turn to?