Another Laptop Recall, Thanks to Sony Batteries

Dell, Apple, and IBM laptops have been catching fire, creating new forms of airport entertainment and providing golden material for bloggers worldwide. Today, we move beyond the Flammable Three, thanks to Toshiba. The company is recalling 340,000 laptop batteries.

The batteries are manufactured by (you guessed it) Sony.

No incidents of Toshiba notebooks having that certain “laptops foster” quality about them have been reported yet. But the recall addresses the same recharging problems that caused the ruckus among owners of the proven incendiary brands.

Get a new replacement battery, free. Or prepare to toast your marshmallows, Toshiba style.

Toshiba Recalls Sony Laptop Batteries [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. exkon says:

    Aww man..I hope the PS3’s don’t start randomly blowing up too…

  2. ajn007 says:

    I don’t think we have to worry about that, exkon. Notice that Sony laptops aren’t having any problems…

  3. masd says:

    About 80% of my Sony electronics have had problems with them, and at this point, I’m very skeptical of any Sony product that isn’t made for the professional market. Based on the fact that previous versions of the Playstation all had serious issue that would essentually prevent the hardware from playing games if you do buy an early version of the PS3, hold onto your receipt and exchange the hardware 2 – 3 months prior to the expiration. I’m sure around that time, you could google “PS3 hardware failiure” and find some reason to exchange it due to problems that others are having.

    Back on topic… out of curiosity, does anyone know which notebook models are affected, and with which model of battery is used as the replacement?