Fashion Police: This Post is a Threat to Security

By showing you this picture of a young man in a shirt with guns on it, we’re putting the lives of thousands of air travelers on the line.

At least that’s what the security screeners at Manchester Airport in the UK seem to think. “They told him the two pistols on the front could constitute a security risk and upset passengers.” Passenger Dave Osborne (pictured) was required to turn his shirt inside out before being allowed to board a flight to the US.

Guns don’t kill people, shirts with pictures of guns do.

A similarly idiotic case took place a few weeks ago within the US, when JetBlue bought Raed Jarrar a New York souvenir t-shirt, because his own shirt that read “We will not be silenced” in English and Arabic was deemed too dangerous for JetBlue’s apparently overly sensitive passengers.

Dave Osborne should have taken Raed Jarrar’s case to heart and asked for a free shirt. Like a high-stakes version of “What Not to Wear,” you can build a complete new wardrobe if you travel enough.