Most Popular Posts Ever, This Week

Target Targets Handicapped, We Target Them. “Let’s just cut straight to the point: Fran, store manager of the Target located at 1245 Bald Hill Rd. in Warwick, Rhode Island? She’s a cunt.”
State Farm Isn’t All There. “Unfortunate that David will have to die by an exploding umbrella.”
Starbucks “Pairs With” Annoying You. “Making my coffee pairs well with shutting the F*CK UP!”
Target Don’t Like Talkin’ ‘Bout Fran. “We made some calls and learned what happens when you try to go in the front door. It gets slammed in your face.”
“NSA” Allows You To Search And See If You’re A Terrorist. “You will then be able to search through the NSA records to see if they are likely to be baby killing Islamic fascists.”