Apple’s iTV vs. RCA Cable

Valleywag gets all player hater on the Apple iTV which is supposed to be the flux capacitor between TVs and computers.

In convenient chart format Nick Douglas compares the new Apple product to the first video cable he found on

Whoopsy, Jobs, looks like you need a new pair of distressed jeans. Douglas just spilled your pimp cup all over your lap.

iTV vs Cable” [Valleywag]


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  1. 24fan24 says:

    I found a similar situation when looking for one of those car cassette adapters. In the iPod section the nice matching white cassettes cost $30 a pop but if in the back of the store a simple gray one with all of the same functions minus the iPod branding costs $5.

  2. d0x says:

    I just use my Xbox360 over a wifi connection. It streams 1080i video without any issue at all so why would I need to buy another box?

    Best of all if you dont have Media Center you could always download Vista beta for FREE and use that to stream the video…so long as you own a Xbox 360.

    Dont wanna spend the money or upgrade to Vista? Buy a 1st gen Xbox used, drop in a mod chip or use the software hack. Install Xbox Media Center and you have an amazing media hub for under $100 and less then 15 min of your valued time.

  3. TJable says:

    Comparing the iTV to a VCR cable is absurd. 1. The VCR cable (notice length is unspecified?) is fine *if you want it laying around all the time*; 2. Many computers don’t provide composite video output compatible with a VCR cable; 3. The VCR cable doesn’t handle digital (optical) audio, or S/PDIF, or Ethernet, or USB …

    The box is probably overpriced, and may be part of a DMS scheme … both bad … but you’ve clearly compared apples to oranges.

  4. The iTv is funny. A friend of mine gave me an old PC with a S-video card, I threw in an old wifi card, and boom. Instant everything on the TV.

    That and you can find Modded first gen Xbox’s with all sorts of stuff for ~$100 via ebay/craigslist. It plugs right in and you’re good to go.

    Don’t get me started on the Ipod HiFi.

  5. Spatz says:

    I have had one of these for about a year, and it has been, in every way, awesome. I also have the company’s NAS which is immediately detected by the player on the network and streams my BitTorrented US TV (I live in Japan) to the living room for all (okay, usually just me) to enjoy.

    It cost 20k yen. About $160, but that was last year. I think they’re less now (here, anyway).

  6. Ran Kailie says:

    What will keep me from using iTV is that I can’t play my DIVX videos in itunes. But my question to Dox & Joel The Great is can an xbox 360 and Windows Media Center allow me to play DivX videos that I otherwise need VLC to play?

  7. A regular XBox, modded, can run various versions of linux and other media applications that play just about any media file.

    I know not about the Xbox360, I just have known people with the original XBOX that could do just about anything you’d want it to on the TV.

  8. Nick Douglas says:

    Okay, so I used a camcorder cable by mistake. Thanks for pretending not to notice.