Adweek Bilks Blogger

PR blog maven B.L. Ochman says Adweek screwed her over by charging her $19.95 a month for a magazine subscription she didn’t order.

When she called to complain, Adweek agreed to the error but would only refund 3 months. They’ve been charging her for nine. “It’s company policy” to only refund 3, they told Ochman.

Adweek picked the wrong gal to mess with. Ochman used to have a business where she complained to businesses and got customer service issues resolved on her client’s behalf.

She’s already, “wrote a letter reporting the fraud to MasterCard, looked up VNU Media and saw that Bob Krakoff is the CEO, sent him a copy, cc’d Elliot Spitzer, etc, etc.” and won’t stop until the bodies drop.