Scammed Youth Cry For Consumerist’s Aid

They really don’t teach kids these days anything about finance. Actually, they never did, as our credit history attests. In this vein, Dustin sends us a frantic plea for help.

He received an email this morning informing him that $29.95 was debited from his checking account by Dustin doesn’t remember authorizing this charge. A visit to reveals an unfinished shopping site of sorts. If you try to add something to your cart, it shows up as zero dollars.

Our 18-year-old reader says he sent an email to his bank. They’re supposed to call him tomorrow. Meanwhile, he’s freaking out, because $30 is a lot when you’re in college.


The good news is that debits are protected up to $50, so you’re covered on this one. The bad news is that if if you don’t put down the peace pipe and pull your phone out of the bath of Ramen Noodle soup and call your bank, you could get hosed for a lot more.

Call now. Report the charges. The End.

Golly jenkins, universities should start making Intro to Consumerism and Banking a required frosh course.

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